Macarthur Gateway Resource Services Client Rights

  •   We are committed to working with you in a culturally respectful way that protects your dignity, is fair, and does not discriminate.
  •   This service will treat your personal information in a confidential manner. The workers will assist you in ways that respect your rights to privacy.
  •   You will have access to all your personal information on file, that the service holds
  •   You will be treated in a professional, courteous and caring manner that respects and appreciates all Aboriginal people, regardless of differences.
  •   You will be involved in all discussions/decisions concerning your assessment and support
  •   You will be made aware of all options available regards your particular needs
  •   You will receive information about the service, including what you can expect from staff.
  •   You can refuse a service without prejudicing any future access to the service
  •   You will receive the same quality and level of service regardless of your gender, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  •   We will work in partnership with you to identify yours and your children's needs and develop a case plan with you to meet those needs.
  •   We will provide you with a range of suitable referrals to other Aboriginal and culturally sensitive services that can provide you with assistance and support.
  •   You have the right to put forward a complaint and we will respond in a confidential, respectful and timely manner.
  •   We have a duty of care to you and all our clients to help ensure your safety and protect you from harm.
  •   You can expect our service to meet health and safety requirements.
  •   We will welcome your opinions and suggestions on how to improve our service.
  •   If you have a child under 16 years, you have the right to have their needs considered and linked to suitable responses.
  •   We will ask you to provide feedback on our service by completing our feedback form provided by staff. 

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