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Working on Behalf of Women with dependant Children.

Improved access to appropriate specialist services for Aboriginal women experiencing domestic and or family violence, women in recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction/dependency and recovery, women who are homeless and or facing eviction and women who are receiving support from Specialist Homelessness Services  within the south western region of Bankstown, Liverpool and Macarthur.

The Macarthur Gateway will promote skill development of staff within SHS’s to engage effectively with Aboriginal women clients and to encourage community connections and participation in community activities which will improve the capacity for independence and sustainable tenancies. 

The Macarthur Gateway will provide:

The primary aim is to develop a Culturally Appropriate Case Management Framework to guide its partner agencies to deliver culturally appropriate programs and services to Indigenous women and children experiencing or have experienced domestic violence.

The Framework will therefore showcase current best practice in Indigenous cultural competency, sets out mechanisms at the sectoral and institutional level for the wider adoption of best practice.  The Framework for implementation is supported by the Macarthur Gateway, providing practical information and resources and examples of Indigenous cultural competency activities and initiatives.

The Culturally Appropriate Case Management for organisations has a particular focus on integrating Indigenous Australian perspectives into their work practices across all organisations, with the prospect of venturing further into the wider community.  The Culturally Appropriate Case Management Framework includes examples from Australian practice, in the areas of;

  • Training and development of all professional staff in cultural competency, including, on the ground workers, appropriate training workshops for Indigenous clients.
  • Engagement with local Indigenous communities to give an effective voice in community affairs.
  • Establishment of more robust frameworks for the regular reporting of Indigenous workers and clients in domestic violence planning and the development of government documents.
  • Deepening connections between Macarthur Gateway and its partner organisations.

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